Type Tamil Anywhere : Online/Offline & Mobile/PC

Hope this page will help you to write tamil unicode!

1. To View Tamil in mobile phones :
In mobile install Opera mini browser. Now open the browser and type ‘Opera:config” or "Config:" (without quotes) at address bar * Scroll down & look for “Use BitMap fonts for complex scripts" ; select ‘YES’. Save Exit. Now you can view Unicode Pages.

2. In your Desktop you can use any of these tools to type tamil offline
i. Indian Language Input Tool: MSN ILIT for XP for Windows 7
ii. NHM writer
iii. Ekalappai Video Demo
iv. Shakthi Office
v. Adhiyaman
vi. Jaffna Library Unicode Tools
vii. Visai Tamil
viii. Google IME
ix. Azhagi
x. Min Olai
xi.Suratha save this page for offline use
xii. Tamil99 keyboard Softwares

3. To type tamil online :
a) Google Transliteration IME . How to Add google transliterate bookmarklet on any of your browser: help here
b) Google Chrome browser Extension
c) Firefox TamilVisai extension.
d) Yahoo Tamil99 keyBoard Widget
e) Epic Browser has native Tamil support
f) WebBased Tamil Editors:
--For PC
i. Tamil Editor
ii. Adhiyan Firefox PLugin
iii. Ezilnila Unicode Writer
iv. UCedit
v. IIT Laksvij
vi. Kandupidi
vii. Kilikeluthi
viii. Branah
ix. Pongu tamil
x. Adanga Tamil

Also IndiTweet and ThatsTamil portals can help you to tweet in tamil

--For Mobile
Download ucweb then try Eegarai or Yantram typepads. Key Combinations for them here
In opera Mini or other browsers try TamilTweet typepad . Like TamilTweet, Google's Script Converter also can help you to preview your text before tweet it!

4. Ubuntu: In ubuntu 10.x Goto software manager - synaptic manager Install inbuild scim, for Ubuntu 11.x install iBus . Tabuntu & Tamil Open Office are useful!

5. OSK: Instead of Any tamil typepads its better,simple to convert your Windows On Screen Keyboard into a Tamil Keyboard. Steps For Windows XP and Windows 7
Setup Unicode in your system help here

6. Mac : To type in Tamil in Mac**
-click settings (the apple icon in left corner)
-system preferences
- Language & Text
-Edit List (list of language options)
-check தமிழில்
-close the settings window
To toggle between tamil & english press alt+space
Mac OS version of Murasu Anjal was included as part of the operating system by Apple in 2004 (Mac OS 10.4)

7. Mobile Applications:
a) iphone/ipod:
i. Sellinam Its Home Page here
ii. Tamil SMS
iii. iTransliterate

b) Android: Download Tamil Visai Its manual here
 Tamil font for android mobiles available here Thanks Krish
c) Nokia: Most of Nokia mobiles have Tamil support. If your mobile dont have,try IndiSMS . Download IndiSMS - cNet link or try IndiSMS GetJar link IndiSMS is the good solution for N series mobiles. Panini app working well in nokia mobiles. Download Panini Keypad Else try Tamil SMS If these apps are not helpful, better update your mobile firmware in Nokia Care! Our friend sidhard installed tamil language file in his Nokia c3 mobile. Its free as depends on your warranty!! Just they will refer your IMEI number.

d) Sony: If Panini .sis file not working in your sony try this Panini Tamil .jar file
Sony Ericsson has tamil language file checkout this ScreenShot Image yellow lined!! Language file here . To install this language file you may need to update your firmware!
By flashing, installing language file you may get Tamil support in your sony mobile! Checkout Omnius-Server . But its tricky! Our Fiend Santhoz Tried this method! Now he has tamil support in his mobile!

For sony nokia samsung LG Motorola all mobile supported versions of IndiSms available Here !

If your mobile dont have Tamil inbuild, you may need a Previewer for all above mobile apps Like This! to view your typed content. You can tweet your content directly from this tool. Thanks Kirupa Shankar for this Awesome Tool!

e) BlackBerry: Configure Install Tamil Font, Help here

f) Indic Language Tool for all mobiles (Paid App) : QuillPad . But not tested!

Good News is Google added Tamil in its Translation portal, Check Out!

8. Tamil supported Mobiles:
i. Nokia C3,C5 (Install Language File! Tested!)
ii. Nokia N73(Using IndiSMS, Tested!)
iii. Sony j108i
iv. Nokia 6030

i. Nokia 1650
ii. Nokia 1280
iii. Nokia 5030
iv. Nokia 1616
v. Nokia 2690
vi. Nokia 2700
vii. Nokia 2370
viii. Nokia 5130

9. Font Help:
Download unicode fonts for Linux and Windows . If any troubles in installing unicode fonts, try This unicode support files for windows. To enable unicode in all other Platforms WikiPedia Help Here
Tamil type writing Tutor Here.

A small collection of Free Twitter Tools listed by me here

This page in Tamil. Please join your friends in Twitter, start tweeting in Tamil. Make twitter as an OpenMedia in our TamilNadu! Thanks for everyone who helps to make this post! I am in twitter as karaiyaan . Please share your ideas , comments with me to improve this post!

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