5 Jun 2011

20+ Sites To Connect Twitter via Mobile Browsers

Twitter is powerful social network.. Somehow we addicted to that. Mobile Twitter helps us to connect with us our friends anywhere! For That We are using free/paid applications as per our mobile platform. Here i have listed some sites to connect Twitter via our Mobile browsers!

1. Mobile Twitter * : Twitter's mobile site. But now twitter removed the standard button in it! So you cant view twitter.com in your mobile, only you can connect to mobile.twitter.com . With out standard site you cant edit your settings page :( Also you cant do Editable RT (Thats why, I dnt use it!)

2. Dabr * : Dabr is an open source project by @davidcarrington with inspirations from @whatleydude
Dabr has lot of features like desktop clients, Feautures are Tweet, ReTweet, Reply, DM, Follow, Unfollow, Block, Favorite, Search, TwitPic, Lists, All listed Trends, GeoLocation, Themes. In Settings, set 'Mode' as 'Normal phone' for slow connections. Set 'External Links Go' as GWT, then external pages will be open via Google GWT (That means you're somehow secure). You can set a separate password for your Dabr account, if Twitter blocked in your office you can SignIn via Dabr credentials without Oauth authentication! Just make sure your Dabr password is secure :) . In Timeline you can view which tweets are ReTweeted and by whom? Its the most helpful for me to find Popular Tweets in my TimeLine! Dabr also has a ReTweets page, where you can view which of your tweets get ReTweeted and by whom! Moreover it has Auto URL shorten feauture!! I swear, Dabr is an awesome tool to tweet via your mobile browser.

Here the sites below are using Dabr OpenSource code.
i. UberSocial Mobile *
ii. Tweetso Dabr
iii. Twash Dabr
iv. Elangnuraga
v. Chyawanprash
vi. Twiterous
So these all are nearly SAME like Dabr. You also can make your own mobile twitter client using this open source php code :)

3. Twitstat * :
Twitstat having some extra features with all other dabr features. you can create a new list. You can add a tweet heart for your favourite tweep by VIP option. You can mute annoying tweeps. You can filter your DMs with a particular friend, you can email a tweet. you can view the list of tweeps - who dont follow you, who you dont follow, who may be a spam, who didnt tweet more than x days, who stopped following you & when, whom blocked by you. You can integrated your FourSquare, Instapaper, bit.ly, Delicious accounts. You can backup your tweets,mentions. You can get a stat for each RT reach. You can unshorten/shorten links. You can filter youtube,images,videos,twitterfeed,foursquare,gowalla,blipfm,game,spam tweets. Because of these features it takes more time than Dabr :)

4. Tweete * :
I love this client for its ReTweets option, Resume Lines for viewed tweets. Moreover Google Gwt, set own RT style, AutoReferesh, Character count, Enable/Disable Restricted character input, Long Tweet handler, Add to lists.

5. Tuitwit :
This tool im using to find who is not following back me. Like popular trends we can view the popular users too. You can post image to TwitPic. Also it has a cool list of emoticons. You can mute friends. You can set Your RT style.You can set page views.You can share your GeoLocation. You can set GWT to open Links.

6. Fluppy * :
I love fluppy for it cool emoticons, unicode texts. You can edit your Bio. You can upload images, Long Tweet Handler, Own RT style, Google GWT, Mute.

Slandr *
Flusr Net
TwetMob *
Detik IM
Black Bird

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